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Roof Restoration, What it is and why do i need it - FREE Whirly Bird 16 Sep 2016

Whether its rainy season or middle of summer a roof restoration will not only improve the look of your home or business but could save you a lot of money in water damage bills and cooling costs

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Freshen up your home and add profit 28 Sep 2015

Summer is here and everyone is cleaning up their gardens, painting their home and doing minor repairs. Now is the time to get a roof restoration done, on initial look 65% of people rate the house on the appearance of the roof.

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Things to check before getting a Roof Restoration 08 Jul 2015

Blocked gutters when there is heavy rain can cause an effect that seems like your roof is leaking, it blocks the water flow and the water then comes over the edge of the guttering at it lowest bow, this will put a huge waterfall like run onto the lower roof causing the water to go underneath the tiles. This will cause water to come into your home at a rapid rate.

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Roof Restoration Pestering neighbours 25 Jun 2015

Through some of our delighted customers in the roof restoration industry we have noticed a trend of companies cold calling and pestering neighbours with wide ranges of incorrect facts on why you should have your roof repaired and sprayed

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The difference made by restoring your roof 19 May 2015

Looking as to why you need roof restoration read to find the answer

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What is Roof Restoration? 12 May 2015

Still unsure as to what roof restoration is? read this blog to get your answers.

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bedroom colours 06 May 2015

Choosing a paint colour for your bedroom is a very important thing!

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Painting your living room Green 28 Apr 2015

To achieve successful Feng Shui by using the color green in your home you will need to incorporate at least 3 different shades with different decor items.

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Colour psychology of pink 21 Apr 2015

Use pink for tranquility in a room. You might surprised of the effects that some pink can have in your paint scheme.

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In the Navy 15 Apr 2015

Navy is an unexpected and surprisingly rich colour interior paint when used in living rooms.

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red and white with a strike 10 Apr 2015

Red and white paint colours used to achieve a striking contrast in these living rooms. For all your Painting & Decorating needs, call Trend Painting Solutions for a free quote.

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making black and white work for you in the bedroom 31 Mar 2015

Timeless Black And White Bedrooms That Know How To Stand Out Posted By MMK - Repost of Architecture & Design

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Important tips for selecting an exterior colour paint 23 Mar 2015

Just a few things to take into consideration when you are deciding on an exterior colour paint for your home.

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Colours choices that make a difference 18 Mar 2015

When planning how and what colour to paint your interior rooms you should consider these two following points.

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Effects of different colour interior paint 06 Mar 2015

Whether its an interior or exterior, we work with you to decide on colours, brands and finish required to get the beautiful outcome you desire.

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Getting the most life from your exterior wood 03 Mar 2015

People often ask us what they can do to preserve their exterior wood for longer. Read on to find out the answer!

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Purple Rooms in your Gold Coast home 26 Feb 2015

For people who love a lot of colour in their homes, speak to Trend Painters & Decorators about your interior painting choices.

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Feng Shui that will turn you Green with Envy 24 Feb 2015

Green is the Feng Shui color of fresh energy and new beginnings and is believed to be nourishing to your health as it calms your nerves and balances your whole body.

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Painting Decorating on the edge 19 Feb 2015

Painter Decorators sure do like living life on the edge! Literally! We can guarantee you that at Trend Painting Solutions Gold Coast we don't use any of these methods!

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Colours on the Ceiling 13 Feb 2015

White has always been considered the safest option for ceilings but your painter decorator will tell you that a white ceiling is not always the right ceiling. Just as colour on our walls can make a bold statement or add sophistication to a room, colour on our ceilings can completely change a room’s look and feel.

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Roof Restoration, What it is and why do i need it - FREE Whirly Bird

Whether its rainy season or middle of summer a roof restoration will not only improve the look of yo..MORE

Freshen up your home and add profit

Summer is here and everyone is cleaning up their gardens, painting their home and doing minor repair..MORE

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